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Fu Tian Zhen, a has 1800 years of history of ancient town, here is the national hero Wen Tianxiang, the famous historian Luo Mihe second former party secretary of Shanghai, the hometown of Hu Lijiao, is an important birthplace of culture of Lu Ling, red, red, green tourism resources add radiance and beauty to each other. 46 km away from Ji'an City, the town covers an area of 216 square kilometers, in 2010 by the national Ministry of housing and urban rural development and the State Cultural Relics Bureau awarded the title of Chinese history and culture of the town, in 2012 was named the National Ecological Town National Ministry of environmental protection.
Historical heritage, the Millennium accumulation. Has a long history of Futian, can be traced back to the Three Kingdoms war period. Liu Tang street was built in three, Sheng in the Tang dynasty. In the middle of the Song Dynasty, Liu Tang Jie began to decline, only the embryonic form of Futian street. Futian Town has a variety of song, yuan, Ming, qing architecture, the ancestral hall, temple is the most significant. The ancestral hall, temple to become a place in a certain degree of folk culture. Fuda Okamunecheng Jing Tang claims to be the first Southern temple, covers an area of 3646 square meters, is a national rare ancestral temple, built in the mid Ming Dynasty, has been 500 years of history. Kuang Jia Niangniang Temple, Po Xia Village Dun Ren Tang, various temples and the "doctor" led by a group of ancient buildings, highlighted in residential architectural style, provides an excellent model for the study of the history and culture of the Ming and Qing dynasties. Futian Town, profound culture, in addition to having rich Confucian culture and Buddhism, Taoism culture, and, this year there is pouring in from Yunnan, Guizhou's Catholic and christian. They are Fuda Doub, and harmony, has become an independent school Futian culture.
The red star shines, permanent memory. Futian Town either a village, have withstood the baptism of blood and fire of war. Tomita is in the Central Soviet Area Center of revolutionary activity, Mao Zedong, Zhu De, Chen Yi, Ceng Shan, Deng Xiaoping, Mao Zetan and other revolutionaries of the older generation left many combat and life site here, now also preserves the southwest Jiangxi, the first National Congress of the Soviet General Post Office (migration of Donggu), school China workers' and peasants' Red Army site, male slightly center the troops under Mao Zedong, Jinggangshan built after the Lenin station, the Red Army Hospital, the Red Army camp to teach other site group, red banners in Futian area also can be seen everywhere, has preserved the standard language has many 1700, lively and vividly embodies the various historical lens precious red revolution. From this magical land out of Yuan Shengping, Liu Xianquan and so on 7 Republic founding generals.
Shanqingshuixiu, scenery comparable. Fu River beautiful hover wanders from the mountains and, like a series of Pearl line, connecting the various scenic spots. Qi Yuan bamboo pole million, serene. Ancient camphor trees along the river and around the village, the unique landscape. Baiyun Lake beautiful scenery, scenery is numerous, the beautiful charming; Anren mountain four Zhou Feng Luan clouds, view different, Gui Qi towering peaks; Tianmashan Junsu, cengluan base peaks; nine inch Ling trees forest, steep cliff facing each other; water hot jet beads splash, water quality.